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Minding the Score
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I am happy to report that I am physically and psychically adjusting to my move back to Minnesota, more specifically, Minneapolis. The change, though feeling at first radical, continues to be challenging albeit stimulating, educating, and gratifying. I am amazed at the abundant wealth of music making here. I hope to contribute to it, and innovate because of it as well.

I remain committed to learning and premiering new repertoire. It keeps my fingers in training, my ears wide open, and my students better informed. Along these lines, Access To Music, launched in the Twin Cities, continues to grow and gain importance. Its last concert was recently held in Washington DC. The American Composers Forum recently featured my article introducing ATM to a larger musical world. It is attached on my Access To Music page.

With each passing season, I burrow even deeper into the works of Beethoven, especially the use of trills in the sonatas. And my commitment to Schumann remains steadfast. A CD to include his Kreisleriana, as well as the Brahms set of variations on Schumann's F# minor Albumblätter, and Mario Berlinguer's remarkable Variations on the “Merry Farmer” tune, will be available later this season.

As always, my best wishes for a prosperous musical and personal year. I welcome hearing from you whenever you might have a thought to share.